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New Forests offers agricultural investment opportunities in Australia and New Zealand.

In 2022, we launched New Agriculture to provide a platform for large scale sustainable agricultural investment and operations management.

In a world where global demand for food is increasing and environmental pressure is intensifying, New Agriculture believes that investment in sustainable agriculture is a critical way to address these challenges.

We believe that improving agricultural land management and optimising landscapes for multiple uses is central to this transition to a sustainable future.

This presents a huge opportunity in Australia, where agricultural land consists of over 380 million hectares, with approximately 5% of this land unused and considered unproductive.

By applying our sustainable landscape approach and using the latest technology, we can improve the land and farming practices to create value.

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*Australian Bureau of Statistics Data

Landowners that can optimise land use based on changing market forces for agriculture, timber and carbon markets, have the potential to produce superior returns.

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